about me

i was born in the suburban landmines of cincinnati, ohio and have been drawing and messing around with art for as long as i can remember. i'm currently studying graphic design and fibers at the savannah college of art & design and dreaming about life in rural scotland with four newfoundlands (of the dog variety). i spend my free time watching sitcoms that are way past their time and fetishizing the concept of 60's home interiors. 


trying to be me for halloween? strange... but here is what you'll need:

  • your grandpa's harrington jacket or other outerwear that can easily woo a 50's housewife.

  • loving vermillion to the point where it is the only color your brain can comprehend.

  • an inability to talk to wait staff without using finger guns.

  • a deep adoration of music that only your dad should still listen to.

  • gain inspiration from the following sources only:

    • 90's movie theater carpets.

    • asking people to see their birthmarks.

    • the original kodachrome film.

    • henri matisse's cutouts phase.

    • trying to combat memory loss by drawing everything i see in a level of indiscernible abstraction.